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Morning Routines Don't Have To Suck

Morning routines are a hot topic of discussion. So too is the debate of which elements get to be included in said routine to maximize our energy, mental well-being, and one's ability to rock out the day ahead. After all, we are a society driven by a strong need to succeed, and optimization is one of our go-to ways to achieve that goal.

I think, however, in our desire to 'optimize' and 'excel', we have accidentally created the perception that morning routines = obligation, weight, 'have-to' energy, and a 'blah' emotional experience.

A morning routine is not just about making us SUCCESSFUL (although that is an added bonus). It's about creating a life we are excited to wake up for. Too often, we approach our mornings as something we "have to" do, rather than something we "get to" do. We follow rigid rules instead of tapping into our creativity and imagination and miss designing a morning that excites us and fills us with anticipation.

Morning rituals can be as unique as the individual making them. Whether it's hitting the dog park with your BFF, a quiet moment of reflection, or simply savoring a cup of tea, a morning routine can 100% be designed to reflect individual preferences and needs.

Radical, I know.

What would it look like if, rather than viewing mornings as a series of '"have-to" tasks to be checked off, we approached them like alchemists, blending different elements—movement we love, mindfulness that doesn't suck, and activities we actually enjoy?

What might be possible?

Although there are some widely accepted 'types' of activities to include in a morning routine, we certainly don't HAVE to include them all. Especially if we don't have a routine yet and/or are already resistant to the idea of even getting up. Oh, and what we do choose to include can look a WHOLE lot of different ways.

For example:

1. Physical Well-being:

This category is aimed at supporting health, but it doesn't have to be the gym! Any activity that excites and invigorates will do here and can be scaled as your energy, health, and ability allow. Take a walk, go for a swim, stretch, or dance in your living room.

2. Mental Clarity:

The goal here is mindfulness. Practices like meditation and journaling are great, but they aren't the only way to make this happen. Being in nature, savouring a cup of hot tea or coffee, taking a moment to pause, or practicing gratitude are just a few alternatives you can try.

3. Emotional & Spiritual Nourishment:

This is all about feeling fulfilled so you are ready (and able) to take on challenges. This can include acts of self-care, connecting with loved ones, enjoying moments of quiet reflection, or engaging in a favourite spiritual practice.

4. Clarity:

Getting clear about your priorities for the day ensures the outside world doesn't take over your life. Experiment with fun ways to clarify your top 3 priorities each day - dictate, write down, create a vision board, use stickies...lipstick on the bathroom mirror...whatever you like!

Mornings have the power to set the tone for the entire day ahead. By embracing flexibility, creativity, and joy, we can transform our morning routines from mundane tasks into opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and profound fulfillment. Bye-bye mundane 'have-to' wake-ups and hello rituals that set us up for success AND fill us with a sense of joy as we greet each new day!

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