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A Simple Shift...

Yesterday my daughter walked into our home and stopped dead. She surveyed the room carefully and her eyes narrowed in concentration. “Something is different in here…” My husband looked around the room and smiled. He had been through the same experience the day before upon entering the room and was enjoying being ‘in the know’. “Yes, the Christmas decorations are gone.” Kiera scowled and continued scanning - “No….this is REALLY different…I can feel it…but…nothing has changed…” I love my home. I am one of those people who likes to putter and move things around endlessly, seeking to create the ‘perfect’ feeling and ambience for any given space. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an unsatisfied moving about of objects, but rather a continual exploration. Why do I keep what I keep and display what I do? What can I let go of? How would this ‘feel’ over there? What is the purpose for doing things like this? So it goes. My family is quite used to me shifting and arranging things. So much so that it often seems like they don’t even notice when I do it (if they notice at all). I have completely changed out the rugs, furniture and decor to barely a nod in response. And yet on this particular occasion both my husband and daughter stood and STARED…neither of them able to find what had changed but both stating that they felt it somehow felt REALLY different than before. What was it? Well…I rotated the rug. No joke. I turned the rug in the middle of the room 90 Degrees. That’s it. Possibly one of the most insignificant changes I had ever made…and suddenly the room just WORKED. And by worked…I mean EVERYONE noticed it and felt the difference somehow - as if I had done something major and significant. So what is the point of me sharing this? I work in transformation. Every day I work on myself and I coach others as they move through their own self-work. Just like the rooms in my home, we are constantly looking at ourselves, tweaking things, seeking to understand why we do what we do and what the purpose is for our various thoughts, behaviours and actions. Sometimes we create big changes for ourselves and think world will stand up and notice (how could it not?!). Yet we find ourselves faced with ‘barely a nod’ in response. This can leave us feeling like maybe we aren’t making progress at all. Or worse - like we will never get to the place in our self development where we ‘click’ and are able to create the results we truly desire. What if we opted instead to focus on ‘tweaks’ instead of these bigger, more outwardly impressive changes? What if we looked to create subtle internal transformations - ones others may not so easily notice? A simple perspective shift, if you will, to support bigger magic to happen. Just like my rug. We do not know what the final linchpin or adjustment will be for any specific stage or growth point in our lives. If we did, everyone would already be doing it, and there would be little need in the world for gurus, self-help books or articles like these. But can we rotate our rug (metaphorical or otherwise) every once in a while - change our vantage point on a particular thought subject or idea and see if something ‘clicks’ into place? Who knows? It may be one small difference that makes all the difference in the world. Xo


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Love this! A 90 degree shift yet subtle! Love the whole metaphor of the rug and I love how you enjoy switching things up! I do too! 😀


David Osterczy
David Osterczy
Jan 17, 2022

That's my buddy! 😁 Now if only we knew what you shifted? 😋 Luv you Anna Banana!

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